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Among the activities that take place in the zone are the religious Feast of St. Thomas Isluga that takes place on 20, Dec. 21, and then move the large Anata (Isluga Carnival) this is held in late February. This Celebration is make as follows:

Starting with the traditional "input" of the peoples of the town  Araksaya  and Mankasaya, is that each of the communities entering the facade of the church, dancing the wheel, in which the singer and main musician takes the direction of the track that characterizes the town where they come from and such other men and women complement the song, the butler makes the reception of the people, greeting each of the members, inviting them glasses of alcohol and continuing the dance of the wheel until the butler order to ring the bell to signal the end of the presentation and the "gang" comes to leave the area.

Isluga Carnival includes a series of activities ranging from meetings of the peoples of Araksaya and Mankasay and dance gangs in the village square, quince release of some of the chiefs of the Mankasaya Araksaya and bell tower of the Church, the expected Munaypata which presents the ensign of the Carnival. And the final activities are held on the fourth day where counting is the standard bearer gifts and proceeds to make the respective acts dismissed from Anata (Carnival).


Isluga, is a deserted village, located within the homonymous national park in the Region of Tarapaca, Chile. Administratively it belongs to the Commune Colchane.
Aymara was a ceremonial center and religious, has a church dating from the seventeenth or eighteenth century, whose festivity is the 21st of December (St. Thomas the Apostle).
The area is inhabited by communities of Aymara origin, which dates to early human occupation 6,000 years ago. This population took new social patterns, economic and cultural rights since the Conquest, but kept its root.
Near the village is concentrated a large segment of the history and cultural heritage of the country and America: the archaeological sites of Pukara Isluga Usamaya Aymara cemetery and funeral-towns and housing Chok and Qolloy and Sitani Chullpas, which formed an important part of the orbit of the Inca empire.